Precious Heritage Children's Home

"Giving Children a Brighter Hope and a Better Future"

The Beginning


"In as much as ye have done it unto one of the

 least of these my brethren,

 ye have done it unto me."
(Matt. 25:40)


The Precious Heritage Ministries Foundation, Inc. (PHMF) is a non-stock, non-profit and charitable organization in the Philippines established for the purpose of helping the orphaned, abandoned, neglected and less privileged children and families in NCR and Region IV-A. PHMF was established in September 15, 2008 as an extension ministry of Pastor & Mrs. Joel and Levy Santos. They started this ministry after 15 years of ministering in Sta. Cruz, Manila as urban poor missionaries and saw many children in the slum areas dying of sickness, hunger, and for lack of nutrition and proper medication due to poverty. After a long period of earnest prayer, the desire to have a permanent place for the program realized when the Lord helped them acquired a house and lot in Cupang, Antipolo City offered on installment basis and of minimum price.

Right after the incorporation, Precious Heritage Ministries Foundation Inc. started its residential facility called Precious Heritage Children’s Home (PHCH) for orphaned and abandoned children ages 0 to 12 as well as the community-based programs for street kids, malnourished and under-privileged families in Metro Manila. Precious Heritage was then accredited by Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD) in April 2013 with certificate awarded by Honorable Secretary Corazon “Dinky” Soliman. In June 2013 due to the need of the PHCH children’s formal school, Precious Heritage Christian School (PHCS) was also established and granted permit by the Department of Education to offer NKP and Grades 1-10 to its clientele.


Precious Heritage Ministries Foundation provides residential-based programs for the orphaned, abandoned, and neglected children ages 0 to 12 years old; and community-based programs for the malnourished, street and underprivileged children from nursery-aged level up to College.

Orphaned and abandoned children are in desperate need of care. With no one to provide shelter or care, orphaned children are often left to wander the streets and scavenge for food. The lucky ones will be admitted to local orphanages. Many of these orphaned and abandoned children become undernourished and never receive any education. They will grow up without ever feeling loved.

Older abandoned children that are not admitted to orphanages live desperate lives on the streets. These children learned to beg or steal food and find shelter wherever they can. Police often view   as a menace to the community rather than minors that need their protection.

Orphans and abandoned children in developing nations often have no one to advocate for them. They are regularly abused physically and sexually, with little hope of recourse. Many street orphans will grow-up to life of prostitution or imprisonment.

In view of the above, Precious Heritage Ministries Foundation Inc. was organized to cater these orphaned, abandoned, neglected, street and underprivileged children in the Philippines to give them hope and a brighter future. This ministry is prioritizing the children from Metro Manila and Regions IV-A.



Precious Heritage Ministries Foundation Inc. envisions to bring love and hope to the children in need. It is our joy to see lives touched and hearts changed for the glory of Jesus Christ.

It is the purpose of this ministry to see lives touched and hearts changed for the glory of Jesus Christ. 


Imploring the aid of the Divine providence, Precious Heritage shall provide shelter, food, education and sustainable skills training toward the children’s independency. This is a special kind of ministry where needy children are cared for and taught Christian living and how to "make a living" in this world.

We shall:

  • Aim for the provision of a standard children’s home to the orphaned, abandoned and neglected children.
  • Act as partner of the government agencies in providing assistance to the orphaned, abandoned, and underprivileged children and give them brighter hope and future.
  • Give direction to the children for their moral, physical, intellectual and spiritual needs.

We accomplished our mission to the children when our staffs are:

  • Competent
  • Compassionate, loving and caring
  • Creative and innovative

Precious Heritage Core Values are based in our LOVE for GOD

  • Love – We commit to serve the children with love, whatever the cost.
  • Obedience – We give our best of service in obedience to God and the great commission.
  • Values – We exemplify servant leadership and respect the rights of every individual.
  • Excellence – We strive and give our best to bring love and hope to the children in need.


  1. Provide the orphans, abandoned, neglected and underprivileged children in the Philippines with a loving environment and a nurturing place to call home for their protection, guidance and security. These children will be prepared for life in their community as valuable, contributing members who demonstrate strong Christian values.
  2. Provide programs and services to address the need of the malnourished and unschooled children.
  3. Provide livelihood projects that will develop their full potentials towards independency.


Precious Heritage Ministries Foundation’s residential facility named Precious Heritage Children’s Home is located at Sta. Rosa St. Purok 2, Cupang Antipolo City where our client children of not more than 50 are housed and cared for. We are implementing community-based programs within the scope of DSWD Region IV-A and National Capital Region such as feeding for the malnourished, teaching ministry, gift-giving program and scholarship program for the deserving underprivileged children.

Precious Heritage Ministries Foundation is under the monitoring of Department of Social Welfare and Development national office and shall operate as a Social Welfare and Development Agency implementing residential care and community-based programs within this geographical sphere.

"We believe that PRECIOUS HERITAGE MINISTRIES FOUNDATION is playing an important role in helping the needy and less fortunate children in the Philippines. It is our desire to help them in the very charitable and worthwhile effort and see the tremendous difference in their lives."