Precious Heritage Children's Home

"Giving Children a Brighter Hope and a Better Future"

How Can I Help?

There are many ways to get involved in Precious Heritage Children's Home. The important thing is that you do! Read below for more information:

· Donate Cash

· Donate Items

· Sponsorship

· Raise Fund for PH Projects

· Sponsor an activity with the children

· Prayer

Donate Cash

To donate through Credit Cards or Paypal Accounts, please use the 'donate' button on the right side column of this page and you will be directed to the processing site. You can also visit the donation campaign page of this website for our specific needs. Online 'donation form' is also available for those who would like to help us regularly.

To give via check, please make it out and mail to:

Precious Heritage Ministries Foundation, Inc.
1340 Manuel Hizon St. 1003 Sta. Cruz,
 Manila, Philippines

To donate via bank transfer, please use any of these accounts:

Precious Heritage Ministries Foundation, Inc.
Banco De Oro
Zurbaran Branch
Current Account No. 00225800-3665


Precious Heritage Ministries Foundation Inc.
Oroquieta Branch
Peso Savings Account No. 132702001114


To donate through Western Union Transfer

c/o Joel B. Santos
1340 Manuel Hizon 1003 St. Sta. Cruz, 
Manila, Philippines 
Telephone No. (632) 7365867

We could not exist without financial support from people like you!


You want to get involved in a more personal way? Share your love, prayers, letters and support by sponsoring a child every month. We would like to see every child sponsored at $25 per month for their food, vitamins and personal needs while $25 per month for their schooling needs.

To run a children’s home, money is needed for things similar to your own home or family—food, electricity, water, toiletries, medical needs, etc. For education-sponsorship money helps to employ licensed teachers, purchase pace/work books, provide daily snacks and hired teachers to educate the children.

We appreciate your consideration to help the children with these needs.

If you are interested in sponsoring a child, please fill-up the Child Sponsorship Form .

Donate Items

There are many things that we need every day to keep us going as a ministry and to keep our children healthy. Below is a list of items that you can send or bring with you when you visit the children here.

Rice, canned goods, toiletries (soaps, tooth pastes, shampoos, etc.)

Shoes, slippers, beddings and clothes

Girls and boys underwear, ages 3-15
Kitchen items - heavy duty pots/pans, utensils, serving spoons, etc.
Milk, Medicines and Vitamins
Stand Fans

Computer Desktop/Laptop 
Dining Tables
Washing Machine

You can send or bring the items at:

 Precious Heritage Ministries Foundation, Inc.
 1340 Manuel Hizon St. Sta. Cruz,
 Manila, Philippines 1003
 Telephone No. (0632) 736-8086


  Precious Heritage Children’s Home, Inc.
  Road 11, Sta. Rosa St.
  Purok 2, Penafrancia Hills, Cupang, Antipolo City

Raise fund for Precious Heritage projects
If you wish to help us raise fund for our project, please do email us. We need partners in raising fund for our current projects:

   Repainting of the Children's Home
   Improvement of Children's School 

   Arm-chairs for school


Sponsor an Activity with the Children

You can conduct an outreach program, birthday party, feeding and skills development activity or sponsor an educational tour with our children. Do email us if you desire to bring cheer and happiness to our children in this way.

Conducting activity is confirmed to be therapeutic and helpful to children with disadvantage background.


We really need partners in prayers. Please join us by praying for the individual children, staff and officers of Precious Heritage and the Home needs.

The operations budget continues to fall short every month. Please pray for God's continuous provision of the basic needs of the children at Precious Heritage Children's Home. We pray for donors and sponsor of each ward.

Please pray that God will provide us donor/partner who will help us purchase the students' school modules for this school year. We have 32 children who are presently studying and we still have no source to purchase these materials. We need US$50 (Php2,420) for each child.

Please pray for our partners who are constantly praying and sacrificially helping the needs of the children here. May God keep them in His loving care and bless them abundantly.  We greatly value their faithful partnership with us!