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Sports Fellowship


The Philippines is a basketball-craze country. Filipinos—young and old—all over the country love to play basketball.

CHILDREN SPORTS FELLOWSHIP (CSF) is more than just plains sports. It is more than just a sporting competition. It is more than just a sports development. It has a moral and spiritual content that can never be found in the program of other sports organizations. At CSF sports development is soul/character development of the young—moving towards becoming the persons they were created to be and deeply need to become.

As a matter of fact, CSF caters to the whole man as he is designed by God.

Children Sports Fellowship (CSF) will lead kids and teens to a saving and relational knowledge of a knowable God in the person of the Lord Jesus Christ.

If you want to sponsor a day or a week program for 50-100 kids, please do email us and we are glad to partner with you!