Precious Heritage Children's Home

"Giving Children a Brighter Hope and a Better Future"

Welcome to our Home! 

Our children absolutely love to meet visitors. They love to share their infectious smiles and laughter with everyone who comes to visit.

We always welcome guests to visit our orphanage at any time. But you need to sign first our online form for an appointment to make sure that our staff is aware of your coming due to their busy work day and limited free time. Part of our Child Protection Policy guests must be accompanied, at all times, by a senior member of our staff.

Please contact us in advance if you are arranging a large group visit. 

The best time to visit our Children’s Home is during week ends (Saturdays and Sundays). However, we can also accommodate you during weekdays after we have approved your coming.

Please be reminded of the following policies when you are already inside our Children’s Home:

1. Visitors are permitted to take group photos DURING THEIR VISIT. As part of our Photographic Policy guests are not permitted to tour or take photos in certain sensitive areas such as the children’s washing and sleeping areas.

2. Smoking is not allowed within the campus.

3. Refrain from bad mouthing or unwholesome words/talk in front of the children.

4. Cash distribution designated to the house parents and staff are absolutely prohibited. Since the Children's Home is faith-based and depends entirely from the donations and contribution of our visitors and friends locally and abroad. We encourage our visitors to give priority the full basic needs of the kids and we also need funds accordingly. Awarding of cash should be coursed through the Accounting Office and receipts are issued in the name of the donor. However, awarding of cash to the children as a form of prizes for the program and activities is allowed.

Here are some suggested items that you can bring when you visit the children:

1.  Rice
2.  Food items (Canned goods, noodles, bread, etc.)
3.  Groceries
4.  Toiletries (bath soap, wash soap, tooth pastes, shampoos, etc.)
5.  Colognes and perfumes
6.  Diapers (Medium and XL)
7.  School Supplies, clothing, shoes and toys
9.  Appliances (Stand fans, kitchen utensils, etc.)
9.  Financial (for general needs of the Children’s Home like electricity, water, maintenance, projects and school needs)

Party Activities

Party with our children can be arranged with our officer. Booking of schedule is necessary to avoid conflict. Simply visit and fill our online form below and get a final approval. 

Field Trip and Off Campus activities

As part of our education program, we also accept invitation to sponsor our kids in any off-campus activities provided that the inviting sponsors will shoulder all the children’s expenses and at least 2 (depending on the number of kids) Precious Heritage staff  shall accompany them.

Forms to use -

Arrange your Visit 
On campus Activity Request
Off-campus Activity Request